Saturday, May 18, 2013 -lets you add effects to your photos. 

Link to this site: -Create customized photo montages and animated.
Remix your photos by adding text glitter, sequins and fun accessories.

Link to this site: -Create photo montage by adding funny and originals frames to your pictures!



Link to this site: - a free online photo editing and creating animated gif online.

Link to this site : -Here you can swap bodies with famous people or a person in a funny scene. Each template is basically an image of somebody where you can put your face on their body. Simply upload a digital photo, choose a scenario & stick your face in the holes! Some of the face templates are cartoons, some are real people & some are caricatures. Give yourself an instant makeover or put your face on the opposite sex for a gag, we have hundreds of humorous scenes to put your "mug" on. Some of the layouts are not humanoids, they may be animals &/or inanimate objects.

Link to this site:

 -web based photo enhancement. No registration needed. Upload your photo from your PC and choose your photo

  One-Step Enhance - Use this effect to:

  • Visibly lift and brighten your photo;
  • Restore color and contrast to a faded photo;
  • Make a fuzzy photo more crisp;
  • Make a dull photo brighter;
  • Improve clarity and sharpen your photo;
  • Correct other common problems seen in digitized photos.
    Suntan Effect - One click adds a sun-kissed glow.
    Glamorize Effect - Skin is smoothed and main features are highlighted.
    Elegant Look - Instantly give your photo a warm, classic, old-fashioned look.
    Black & White - Instantly turn a drab color shot into a special black and white portrait that reduces the effects of harsh lighting.
    Brighten - Is your photo too dark or underexposed? Use this feature to adjust the brightness of the entire photo or a specific area.
    Darken - Is your photo too bright or overexposed? Use this feature to adjust the brightness of the entire photo or a specific area.
    Brighten Smile - Brighten your smile and whiten your teeth - without toothpaste!
    Brighten Eyes - Improve the appearance of your eyes.
    Brighten Intensity - Brighten and intensify the appearance of your photo.
    Candlelight Effect - This feature gives your photo a soft, focused light, like that of candlelight.
    Enhance Lips - Brighten and plump your lips and define the mouth - without lipstick or lip liner!
    Sharpen - Improve your photo's clarity and make it more crisp.
    Add Caption - Add a caption or identify your photo.
    Add Shadow - Add a soft shadow to your photo.
    Smooth Skin - Reduce unwanted marks such as spots, scars, moles, wrinkles and lines.
    Antique Photo - Give your image an antique or "Old Time" look by adding this effect to your photo.
    Dusk Effect - Add this effect to your photo and make it appear to have been taken at sunset.
    Water Reflection - Give your image a dreamy, rippled look by adding this effect to your photo
    Enhance Colors - Different types of lighting, photo processing and image scanners can cause incorrect or unnatural coloring in photos. Use this feature to:
  • Balance the colors in your photo by choosing complementary colors, such as red, pink, yellow, green and blue;
  • Make bright colors brighter and dark colors darker;
  • Accentuate a color to your specification, by using the Choose Color to Enhance option.

  • Reduce Colors - Use this feature to reduce a specific color in your photo, or use the Choose Color to Reduce option to select a color to your specification.

    Rotate - Use the Rotate feature to:
  • Straighten a crooked photo;
  • Correct the orientation of a photo by rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise 90 degrees;
  • Flip your photo;
  • Rotate to your specification.

  • Resize - Use this feature to:
  • Enlarge or reduce the size of your photo by 15%
  • Thinify your photo by making it more narrow
  • Broaden your photo by making it wider
  • Enlarge or reduce the size of your photo to your specification.
    Crop - Cropping lets you permanently concentrate on an area of a photo, as if you had zoomed in more when taking the original shot. The selected area defines what part of the photo to keep.
    Remove Red-eye - Fix dreaded red-eye by replacing the red with original eye color.

  • Link to this site:

    This free online image Web Resizer helps you optimize photos for web or email. Easy to use. Amazing results!

    • reduce image size
    • crop photos
    • sharpen
    • resize - change width and height
    • rotate
    • adjust contrast, brightness, saturation
    • convert photo to black and white
    • add a border
    • no registration required
    • free!

    Link to this site :